WaterPAK Chairman
Jason Nutsford
Kitsap Public Utility District
WaterPAK Vice Chairman
Thomas A. Hunter
City of Port Orchard
WaterPAK Secretary/Treasurer
Diana Temple
Silverdale Water District

WaterPAK's membership is comprised of water districts, water companies, cities, and the Kitsap PUD. Members pay annual dues that support water conservation and public engagement activities. Dues are varied by size of utility. In addition to the membership, attendees of the monthly WaterPAK meeting often include WA State Department of Health employees, Kitsap Public Health District employees, and local consulting engineers and hydro geologists.

Aquarius Utilities LLC
City of Bainbridge Island
City of Bremerton
Kitsap Public Utility District
Manchester Water District
Meadowmeer Water Service Association
North Perry Water District
City of Port Orchard
City of Poulsbo
Rocky Point Water District #12
Silverdale Water District
Sunnyslope Water District
Washington Water Service Company
West Sound Utility District